Red Panda Network


We utilize a open peering policy.
Peering / transit is possible if you fit the specified ruling we have.

To arrange peering / transit, send me a e-mail or contact me via various other ways.

In order to peer with us, you must

- Have a public ASN (From IANA-Approved RIRs)
- Have at least minimal-size IP space you can use.
- Only send us traffic that is destined for us, we will do the same.
- Be willing to connect to us (Internet eXchange, Tunneling, VPN, ...)
- Be able to respond in under a week, as we aim to do the same.

In order to get transit, you must

- Either be a non-profit/educational or personal network.
- Fit the same ruling as peers

Our IXP connections can be found on PeeringDB

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